Surprising facts about Queen Elizabeth II

Her eminence was knowledgeable in international affairs, theology, constitutional history, and law, yet she never attended college. She's smart

The queen, as Princess Elizabeth, was home-schooled by Britain's top instructors, including Eton College provost Henry Marten.

The queen liked to put on a pair of sunglasses and a silk Hermès head scarf and take a joyride in her Jaguar or Range Rover. Dirty riding

The future queen of England wore a fit-and-flare Norman Hartnell gown for her betrothal to Prince Philip at Westminster Abbey on Nov. 20, 1947. Affordable nuptials

During her 74-year marriage to Prince Philip, Elizabeth was reportedly called "Cabbage" inside Buckingham Palace. The prince often called his wife kale. She binge-loved

Queen Elizabeth rarely wore her Launer bag. Her Majesty never carried cash, but she ironed and folded church donations. Finances

The royal bagpiper played for 15 minutes outside the monarch's window each morning at 9 a.m. Serenade sunrise

In the mid-1800s, Queen Victoria established the ceremony at Buckingham Palace, Windsor, Holyroodhouse, and Balmoral, Scotland. Without music, who needs an alarm clock?

The queen drank day and night. As a homage to the sun, the monarch would drink a gin and Dubonnet cocktail each morning. her grace

Queen Elizabeth kept and bred about 30 corgis. Her father, King George VI, got the royal family's first corgi, Dookie, in 1933. Pack leader

The silver-haired queen appears in London Olympics opening photos. The queen accepted to appear in the 007-themed comedy when the director asked to use her photo. Bond.

The most iconic moments of Queen Elizabeth II