Spider Man Drawing in 5 Steps: A Pro’s Guide to Drawing Spider-Man

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Do you want to learn how to draw Spider Man like an expert because you are a fan? You’re in the proper location! We will cover how to draw Spider-Man in five steps in this tutorial. These instructions will help you draw Spider-Man quickly and easily.


In the Marvel universe, Spider Man is a revered character, and the latest films have only served to boost his appeal. Although drawing Spider Man can be difficult, you can produce an excellent drawing by following a few straightforward techniques. This course will help you develop your talents whether you’re a novice or an expert artist.

Resources Required

Let’s go over the supplies you’ll need to sketch Spider-Man before we get started:

  • Paper – Markers or coloured pencils (optional) – Pencil 5 Steps to Drawing Spider-Man

Let’s begin drawing Spider-Man in the next five steps:

Basic Shapes in Step 1

Start by drawing Spider Man’s head as a simple circle, then add a square for his torso. The next step is to divide the square in half by drawing a line through its centre. Legs are made by drawing two lines from the square’s bottom. Add two little circles for Spider-Man’s feet last.

Step 2: Draw the Specifics

Sketch in the specifics of Spider-Man’s attire next. The eyes should be big and oval-shaped, and they should be added after the webbing on the torso. The legs and feet should also be covered in webbing.

Refine the sketch in Step 3

Once you’ve drawn in the essential details, sharpen the drawing by giving Spider-Man’s muscles and joints greater definition. Give his muscles a more organic shape by using curved lines. To provide depth and dimension, add shadows.

Fourth: Inking

It’s time to ink the sketch once you’re satisfied with it. Make sure to remove any remaining pencil marks before tracing over the lines with a pen or marker. To make the shadows stand out, give them greater definition.

Five: Colouring

You can choose to colour your drawing at this point. Spider Man wears a red, blue, and black webbing suit. To add colour to your drawing, use markers or coloured pencils.

Questions and Answers

Can I sketch Spider-Man without having any prior art experience?

No, this tutorial is appropriate for both new and seasoned artists.

Can I make my drawing on a different kind of paper?

You are welcome to use any kind of paper you like.

Must I ink my drawing?

Inking is not required. You may choose to leave your drawing as a simple pencil sketch.

Can I customise the drawing in any way?

You are welcome to add your own unique touches to the drawing to make it your own.

How much time will I need to sketch Spider-Man?

How skilled you are at drawing and how much detail you want to include in your artwork will affect how long it takes to sketch Spider-Man.

Can I depict Spider-Man in several poses?

Yes, you can try drawing Spider Man in various stances once you’ve mastered drawing him.


It’s simpler than you would have imagined to draw Spider-Man in only five steps. These easy methods will let you draw this well-known superhero in an appealing manner. Do not be hesitant to try out new personal touches, and most importantly, enjoy yourself!

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