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RP Funding Login is a mortgage bank that operates in 10 states. RP Funding offers numerous mortgage options, including conventional, jumbo, owner employed, FHA, USDA, no closing cost mortgages, and post-purchase mortgages. This RP Funding Login portal gives an easy way to access your loan details, make payments to your RP Funding mortgage payment online, and much more. RP Funding is a free service that helps you make sure your mortgage payments on time.

Check out our guide for download carefully and thoroughly. It is packed with essential information to answer many of your concerns about handling your RP Funding mortgage account online. However, be aware that, like this site, it is a general detail. It’s not lawful. It’s not a rule. The information is not legal.

Very few people hold a 30-year loan in its entirety. In reality, homeowners can only stay for 13 years on average, and loans may have a shorter duration when they decide to refinance at some moment. Homeowners who intend to sell their house or refinance it soon aren’t worried about repaying their mortgage in the earliest possible time. However, what happens to homeowners who remain in their homes for their stay? For those who have a long time, the 30 years of interest-paying payments may become a burden, especially when compared to the repayments on loans with lower interest rates.

You might be thinking about how you can get your mortgage paid off quicker to live debt-free and take complete control of your home. Here are five strategies that you can employ to achieve your objectives.

To make a payment on your RP Funding mortgage, create an online account.

Accounts for mortgage payments used for RP Funding mortgages are managed via the RP Funding Mortgage Payment Portal, which works and generates a Mortgage payment account. You can pay the full amount, in parts or in respect of past due amounts via your RP Funding Mortgage Payment Portal. You can also make payments and schedule pre-payments without logging into your account.

If you sign up for an RP Funding online account, you’ll have access 24/7 to the account information, additionally, you will be able to:

  • Sign up for Paperless
  • Check your balances online.
  • Check current loan balances.
  • Twelve-month payment record
  • Year-to-date totals
  • Payment due dates
  • There’s a lot more!
  • Don’t forget. By enrolling to get an RP Funding Online account, you’ll be capable of paying your mortgage online through AutoPay.

To establish an account with RF Funding, you must follow the steps in the following steps:

  • Add the following link to the browser of your choice:
  • Locate The Login link on the header menu just above that RF Funding logo, and click it.
  • Select the second option just below the “Login” button to sign up for a brand new account.
  • Please enter the following information:
    • Your Loan Number
    • Last four digits of SSN | TIN (9999 format)
    • Property Zip Code
  • Click on “next.”

Steps to Login RP Funding

If you already have an RP Funding account set up to allow internet access, you need to sign in to your account next time you’re planning to make monthly mortgage payments to begin. You could even create the automatic debit of your credit card transaction from your bank account, which will deduct the amount when your due date for payment is out of your bank account.

Follow the steps below to sign to your account at RF Funding.

Step 1: Go to the RP Funding Login page:

Step 2. Once you have reached the RP Funding login page, type in your Username, followed by your password in the empty spaces below. Then, press “Log In”. If the information you entered is correct, you will also be directed to your account’s dashboard.

What Is The Best Way To Pay Your Mortgage?

RP Funding offers several ways for customers to pay their monthly payments. If you’ve determined that making your mortgage payment early is the best choice, there are various options to do it. It’s not necessary to dump all your savings into the mortgage. In lieu, think about these ideas to pay off your mortgage promptly:

You have the option of making payments online or through the mail.

1) Make a payment online at 

2) Pay by Mail: Mail payments to the address in the state you’re sending the mail from.

States:- FL, WA, ME, VT, NH, AK, GA, AL, MS, AR, LA, OK, TX, KS, CO, NM, UT, WV, MT, ID, OR, 

Send mail to:

  • RP Funding, Inc.
  • P. O. Box 660592
  • Dallas, TX 75266-0592
  • States:- IN, OH, MD, PA, DE, NJ, NC, SC, MI, NY, CT, RI, MA, VA, WV, KY, 

Send your mail to:

  • RP Funding, Inc.
  • P. O. Box 371306
  • Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7306
  • States: NV, CA, AZ, HI

Send mail to:

  • RP Funding, Inc.
  • P. O. Box 7168
  • Pasadena, CA 91109-7168
  • States:- SD, TN, WI, IA, IL, MN, MO, ND, NE, Puerto Rico

Send mail to:

  • RP Funding, Inc.
  • P. O. Box 0054
  • Palatine, IL 60055-0054

Loan Servicing Information from RP Funding

Customer Service

Customer service can be reached via phone at 877-586-4271 (Spanish) or by email at

For any Other Servicing Department inquiries:

  • RP Funding Corporate Office
  • Attention: Servicing Dept.
  • 1400 S. International Parkway, Suite 1000,
  • Lake Mary, FL 32746
  • Phone: 321-397-4420

Correspondence Requirements

Ensure that your current 10 (10) credit card number with a digit starting with 14 is displayed on every correspondence.

If you’re having trouble finding your loan number, you can contact RP Funding at 321-397-4420 and request to speak to a representative regarding locating your “servicing” loan number.

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