Pencil Sketch of a Pumpkin in Just 5 Simple Steps

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Pencil Sketch of a Pumpkin – Do you want to discover how to draw a pumpkin with only a pencil? It can be entertaining and interesting to draw a pumpkin, especially in the autumn. In this article, we’ll show you how to pencil sketch a pumpkin in five simple steps so you may be proud of it.

Materials Necessary

Let’s gather the supplies we’ll need to make our pumpkin drawing before we get started. You will require:

  • A pencil, an eraser, a sharpening, a sheet of paper and a picture of a pumpkin for reference. First, create the outline.

We must first sketch the pumpkin’s outline. On your paper, begin by drawing a circle in the centre. This circle will serve as the pumpkin’s basis. The pumpkin shape will then be created by adding a little curved line to the bottom of the circle. Next, add a stem to the circle’s top.

Step 2: Add Information

It’s time to add some details to our pumpkin once you have the outline. Create parts on the pumpkin by drawing vertical lines across it. The pumpkin should then have some curves added to it for a more realistic appearance. To add more texture to the stem, arc a line around it.

3rd step: shading

It’s time to give our pumpkin some shading now. Start by shadding the pumpkin’s darker regions. To add depth and dimension, make light and dark strokes with your pencil. The pumpkin’s portions should be shaded to give the impression that it is circular.

Highlights in Step 4

Make a few little circles or ovals in the pumpkin’s lighter regions to add some highlights. The pumpkin will appear more realistic and three-dimensional as a result.

Five: Finishing touches

The last step is to finish out our drawing of a pumpkin. Any parts that are too dark can be made lighter with your rubber. Increase the amount of shading or highlights to provide depth and substance.

Congratulations! In just five simple steps, you have just produced a stunning pencil sketch of a pumpkin.


Anyone can enjoy drawing a pumpkin with just a pencil because it’s simple and entertaining. You may make a stunning pumpkin drawing that you can be proud of by following these easy instructions. So, grab a pen and some paper, and let’s get going!

Video instruction


Do I need to be an expert to pencil-draw a pumpkin?

Not at all, no. These instructions are created for novices who want to discover how to pencil-draw a pumpkin.

Can I sketch a pumpkin with a pen rather than a pencil?

Yes, if you’d rather, use a pen. However, using a pencil will allow you to highlight and shade with greater freedom.

What kind of paper should I use if I want to pencil-draw a pumpkin?

Any form of paper that you have access to can be used. A heavier piece of paper, however, will enable greater shading and brightness.

Can I create a pumpkin without using a model?

Yes, however using a reference picture as a guide will make drawing a pumpkin easier.

Can I sketch a pumpkin with coloured pencils?

Yes, you can colour your pumpkin drawing with coloured penc

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