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Houston Maritime Attorney

Houston marine lawyers in Houston are abundant and know admiralty laws (maritime law) to the core, but their experience is the most critical factor. As a top naval injury lawyer, the founder Patrick Daniel has litigated hundreds of maritime injuries and has earned substantial settlements for his clients.

However, this procedure requires more than just a skilled courtroom lawyer. The maritime industry is hard rough, and unforgiving, and anyone Houston, Texas lawyer who hopes to represent maritime workers should be familiar with the task as well as the law. This puts Patrick Daniel Law ahead of other law firms in Houston, Texas. He is familiar with the job. He was born within Louisiana and has over 20 years of experience litigating maritime disputes – part of it from the opposite part of the courtroom.

Houston Maritime Attorney – Injury Lawyer

Houston maritime injury law, also referred to as admiralty law, is a complex area with many variations and quirks. It takes a seasoned maritime injury lawyer to spot these flaws, and we discover them in every case that is sent into Patrick Daniel Law’s Houston lawyer office.

Houston maritime professionals are in a disadvantage in certain maritime cases. In other maritime injuries, they have certain advantages. However, only a knowledgeable Houston maritime lawyer can work out the whole thing. 

Also, regardless of whether you’re located living in Houston, Harris County, Pasadena, Baytown, or the suburbs to the west, if you suffered an injury at sea and need a Houston attorney for maritime injuries, Patrick Daniel Law is there to assist. 

Contact our Houston maritime attorneys for a free consultation.

Patrick Daniel is an iconic figure in the field of Houston maritime attorneys, earning the distinction of over twenty decades of law enforcement in maritime matters within Houston, Texas, and around the Gulf Coast.

Patrick Daniel has argued maritime injury cases on both sides. He is a lawyer with a lot of expertise, not just in the manner Houston shipping law matters go however, but also in work carried through the seas by the employees of a variety of Houston maritime businesses.

Here’s a brief description of the kinds of Houston maritime injury cases that he has dealt with in Texas and other states:

  • Jack-up rig accidents
  • Deck accidents
  • Tugboat accidents
  • Oil platform accidents
  • Barge accidents
  • Accidents involving commercial fishing
  • Cargo ship accidents
  • Shipyard accidents

If you’ve suffered any maritime injuries within Houston similar to the one above and you’d like to have a no-cost consultation with one of our Houston attorneys for maritime law.

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Houston is more than aerospace and oil. A recent study found that Houston, TX is the top. 2 cities in the United States in terms of jobs connected to maritime transport freight across U.S. ports. The nearest port, New Orleans, has more workers in the maritime business. When you combine the workers of every one of the Texas ports, it places Texas as the number, and three states of the U.S. in cargo transportation between American ports.

The Port of Houston includes over 200 public and private terminals that handle more than 8200 vessels that travel on the sea and 215,000 barges per year. Many maritime workers are a part of the Houston region home.

It should not come as a surprise then that there is a wide array of claims involving maritime injuries in Houston. 

The maritime workers who get injured on the sea don’t have the same options that land-based workers have and, in most cases, must employ a maritime injury attorney in Houston to safeguard their rights and assist them to get compensation for losses resulting from their maritime injuries.


Have you been injured in a maritime collision? Get a free consultation with one of our Houston maritime injury lawyer to learn the full story. Call us at 281-306-5723, or fill out the online application.

A seasoned maritime attorney such as Scott Krist could be the difference in the success of your claim, and getting you the maximum compensation you’re entitled.

What distinguishes major accidents?

A specific set of laws is applicable to maritime injury. There are a variety of laws that could apply to the case of maritime injuries that are not applicable to accidents on land. They are specifically designed to safeguard specific circumstances and employees. For instance, a person who gets injured as a member of a crew on a ship file an entirely different suit as someone who is injured by a car crash.

The most significant distinction is the amount of damages you can recover as a result of maritime laws. Furthermore, certain injuries that happen at dockside for instance, while loading containers from Port Houston may fall under maritime law.


What does maritime actually mean? In essence, maritime refers to anything related to the ocean. It could refer to shipping for commercial purposes, transporting or military operations. The laws that govern shipping activities is commonly referred to as admiralty law. an expression that is commonly used in conjunction in conjunction with maritime law.

The maritime law is different from the Law of the Sea, which regulates international commerce mineral rights, the waters of the coast, treaties and relations between nations. Admiralty litigation is more local in their approach and involve civil lawsuits for individuals, corporations, and the representatives of these companies.

When should you consult a MARITIME LAWYER?

The most straightforward response to the query of whether to make a phone call to a lawyer after an accident on the sea is “as as soon as your vessel arrives at Houston.” In the event that you own a cell phone or Wi-Fi connectivity and have the right to make personal phone calls make sure you call or email an attorney whenever you are able to. If your vessel allows employees to make calls for personal use and calls, management can’t make a decision against you for using your time to contact an attorney!

A common error that employees do is to present themselves as an “team” player, but does not want to cause a stir by threatening an action. It could be quite an expense to make to guard an image that will not help you in the end. A large number of Houston maritime employees – or even former workers who have lost their jobs wish they’d contacted an attorney immediately following their accident.

Do not try to figure out on your own if you’ve got an argument that’s worth filing despite the many websites and blogs that attempt to give you advice on how to do it yourself in the courtroom. Take the wise step and contact an attorney. Patrick Daniel has won so many admirable cases that he is able to typically identify a winning case within the first couple of minutes of the no-cost consultation. In the event that Patrick Daniel Law accepts your case, the cost of legal representation will be deducted from the settlement amount and you’ll pay no cost out of pocket.


Maritime workers are exposed to circumstances and situations that could send residents of the land to a state of anxiety and despair. Although for the most part, they are aware of the dangers they’re subjected to and have different strategies for dealing with them and minimizing risk, accidents can happen.

Some of the most commonly-injury-producing maritime accidents include:

  • Slips and falls – Definitely No. 1 in injury claims. When it is wet slips are common and happen on stairwells and on decks, and even crew areas.
  • Collisions and bumps Booms that swing cranes, dollies, machines, carts and unsecure cargo can smash into the bodies of workers.
  • Transporting and lifting mishaps A tilting deck with a raging sea could make lifting large objects difficult. Even in ideal situations, pulling heavy loads can be dangerous.
  • Disease A majority of claims is caused by an injury. Sometimes, members of the crew fall sick because of unsanitary conditions and inadequate food preparation.

If the ship is off to sea, an injured person’s only recourse to medical care is through the medical personnel aboard, which is sometimes referred to as an sickbay or the infirmary. It can be a huge benefit or a serious riskif staff are not properly educated. In extreme situations, an air transporter may be required, but the weather and conditions on the sea can influence the likelihood of being deployed.


A maritime accident is often the most newsworthy incident within the vessel. You can’t keep such a situation an unrevealed fact. Whatever the extent of the accident or the manner it happened, it’s essential to keep a clear understanding of the facts since, in the end it’s your responsibility to make sure that the public is informed regarding what transpired.

If the news of your accident gets to the management team, they’ll naturally want to speak to you. Be extremely cautious of what you say in the event that you say anything. Although you do not want to appear rude or inconsiderate, you need to protect your rights. By all means don’t submit to an unrecorded statement. There is no obligation to give a recorded declaration at any time in the procedure.

The amount you receive, should you decide to speak with an attorney for maritime law and make claims is directly related to the extent the ship’s owner or the employer is negligent. Insurance adjusters and the lawyers on their side are masters at manipulating the situation and everything you say before submitting the case to court may be altered and utilized against you. Don’t believe that you can beat an experienced professional!

Do not sign any documents or accept any settlement offer or sign any document without consulting with a maritime attorney.


Do however, submit an accident report as part of the claim process. When you complete the accident reports, you’re in the control of your own situation. You can think about your thoughts and establish the facts, without being placed on the spot and having to respond to questions of a trick.

Find the names of colleagues or other witnesses who were present at the incident or saw a risk that may be a contributing factor to your injuries.

Call Daniel Patrick Law in Houston immediately. They will review your case, assist you in completing the accident report. They will also give a clear overview of the incident. Based on the private information that you provide, they will be able to tell you whether you are likely to succeed, and If so, what compensation you could get.

When you hire a MARITIME ATTORNEY, everything changes.

The number of businesses that are located in Houston, particularly those that are in the maritime sector makes a community in which information circulates quite quickly. If one of the businesses is prosecuted in a lawsuit involving maritime injuries and the other businesses within the Houston region are notified.

In truth, neither party in a maritime-related injury instance wants the case to be heard in the court. Many don’t. In fact, most don’t. Most of the time when an attorney from the maritime sector is involved in the case on behalf of the victim, however, the opposing party suddenly decides that it is the best for them to negotiate a settlement outside of the court.

A typical “sign this and get rid of that” offer is typically changed and replaced with something that is more substantive and fair. The intimidation tactics generally diminish and for the greater part, they’ll let you to it and talk to your lawyer directly.

Don’t attempt to file an injury claim on the sea by yourself. The law governing maritime accidents is different from the type of law you are familiar with. It’s also in a continuous changing state. There are constant changes to the Merchant Marine Act and Jones Act have been amended several times since their creation and there’s a demand for new amendments as well as the possibility of their repeal.

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