Face Drawing | An Easy Pencil Sketch of Facial Structure in 5 Steps

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Face Drawing – Are You Curious about Drawing, But Unsure Where to Begin? Although drawing faces may appear challenging at first, with proper techniques and practice anyone can learn how to do it! In this article we will demonstrate easy pencil sketch techniques for drawing faces in just five steps that will allow anyone from beginners to experienced artists create realistic yet detailed portraits.

Drawing is an enjoyable hobby that can help relax and express creativity, but many are intimidated by the idea of drawing faces as it can be tricky to capture likenesses of real people. But with some basic knowledge and techniques anyone can learn how to draw a face – in this article we will offer step-by-step instructions for drawing one using simple pencil sketch techniques.

Materials Needed

In order to begin drawing, some basic supplies will be necessary. Here’s what they are:

Step One 

Sketch Outline of Face (HB, 2B, 4B and 6B pencils are recommended) on a Sketchpad

Step one of drawing a face involves sketching its outline. Begin by drawing a circle in the center of your paper; this will serve as the head for your portrait. Next, draw an arc from its top edge to its base that divides in half to form the face’s centerline.

Draw two more horizontal lines across the circle to divide it into three equal parts, starting from where your hairline begins, moving toward where the eyes and nose are situated, before ending at where your nose should sit.

Once you have created the guidelines for the face, you can begin adding features. Draw two lines from the top of the circle to the hairline to form the sides of the face; draw another curved line from below the ear all the way down to create the jawline; and then add an eyeliner as needed for details like lips or eyebrows.

Step 2: Draw the Features of the Facial Structure

Now that the basic outline of the face has been established, it’s time to add features. Begin with drawing eyes: draw two circles centered along a horizontal line in the middle of your face that are each equal in size and spaced out by one eye-width apart. This should complete step one.

Next, draw the nose. Draw a small triangle at the base of the horizontal line in the center of the face. Next, draw the mouth by drawing a straight line along the centerline just beneath the nose, adding two curves on either end to create the top lip and bottom lip respectively. Finally, finish up by drawing two more curves for balance!

Step 3: Add Details

Now that the basic features of the face have been established, it’s time to add details. Begin by drawing eyebrows–these should be placed just above the eyes and should angle upward slightly–then add other facial features as necessary.

Next, draw eyelashes and pupils. Place eyelashes along the upper lid while centering your pupils.

Create depth with shading by using darker pencil to shade around eyes, nose, and mouth to make them stand out more. This will make features pop off the page!

Step 4: Revamp Your Drawing

At this stage, your drawing should be taking shape. Take a step back and examine your work: Are there any areas needing refinement? Do the proportions of the face seem accurate? Make any necessary adjustments to enhance and refine your drawing; pay special attention to details. Use lighter pencils to add texture to hair, shading to cheeks and highlights in eyes using lighter strokes; ensure proportions are correct and features in their proper places before continuing adjusting until you’re happy with its overall look.

Step 5: Add Final Details

Once your drawing is complete, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Use an eraser to eliminate any unsightly lines or smudges, followed by darker pencil to add any final details such as wrinkles, freckles or moles.

Congratulations on creating an impressive pencil sketch of a face in five easy steps! Congratulations on achieving such a wonderful achievement.

Here are the frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding face drawing:

1. Can any type of pencil be used for face drawing?

Yes, any kind of pencil will do for face drawing; however, for best results we suggest using a set of different grades (HB, 2B, 4B and 6B) with different hardness levels to achieve different tones of gray in your drawings.

2. Do I require special skills to draw a face?

No specialized skills are necessary to draw a face. Anyone can learn this art form with practice and patience.

3. How long does it take to draw a face?

Time taken for face drawing will depend on your level of skill and how much detail is desired in your sketch. A basic sketch may take only minutes while more elaborate ones could require hours or days to finish.

4. Do I require a reference photo when drawing faces?

Referencing photos can be extremely helpful when drawing faces, especially for beginners. A reference photo allows you to better see proportions and details in the face more clearly, helping to clarify its proportions and features more precisely.

5. Can I draw a face without using guidelines?

While it is possible to draw a face without using guides, using them will ensure the proportions and features are accurate.

6. What are some strategies I can use to enhance my face-drawing abilities?

Tips for honing your face drawing abilities include practicing regularly, employing different shading techniques and studying other artists’ works; plus experimenting with various mediums.


Drawing a face may seem intimidating at first, but with these five easy steps anyone can become adept at creating stunning pencil sketches of faces. When using guidelines to ensure accurate proportions, add details and shading for dimensioning, and practice regularly to refine skills – with practice you’ll soon be creating stunning portraits!

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