An Easy Elephant Drawing in Just 4 Steps for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Elephant Drawing – Are You Wondering How to Draw an Elephant but Don’t Know Where to Begin? Relax; this article will show you how to create an exquisite elephant drawing in just four easy steps! Even if this is your first attempt at art, our simple instructions will guide you towards producing something truly remarkable – one which you’ll be proud to display.

Introduction Drawing is an enjoyable and relaxing activity that allows you to express your creativity and imagination. Although learning how to draw an elephant may appear daunting at first, with proper guidance it can become straightforward and enjoyable process. Here we’ll show you four easy steps on how to draw one using basic shapes and lines.

Drawing an Elephant Is Simple in Four Steps

Here are four steps for creating an elephant drawing that is both realistic and easy:

Step 1: Sketch an Elephant Body

Start by drawing a large oval shape for the elephant’s body – this will serve as the core component. Add a smaller circle on its left side as its head and you are finished!

Step Two: Draw an Elephant’s Trunk

Draw a curved line connecting the head to body for the trunk of your elephant, adding two small circles at its end as nostrils.

Step 3: Assemble the Elephant Legs and Ears

Assemble the elephant by drawing four long, thin rectangles at the base of an oval for its legs. Make sure all legs are of equal size and thickness before adding two large, floppy ears on its head.

Step 4: Complete Details on an Elephant’s Body

Make the elephant drawing more realistic by adding realistic features such as wrinkles and folds to its body, drawing eyelashes with small lines around its eyes, as well as adding lines on its trunk to give more texture to it.

Congratulations! You have successfully finished drawing your elephant in just four easy steps.

Tips for Drawing an Elephant.

  • Practice: Don’t get discouraged if your first elephant drawing doesn’t turn out perfectly; with practice comes improvement over time.
  • Consult References: Take a closer look at pictures of elephants to better understand their anatomy and movements.

Start with Simple Shapes: Begin by drawing simple shapes, gradually adding details until your drawing becomes more realistic.

Have Fun: Enjoy the process and have a blast drawing!

What materials will I need to draw an elephant?

To create the elephant you only require two materials: pencil and paper.

Is It Easy to Draw an Elephant?

Yes, drawing an elephant can be easy if you follow our four simple steps.

Can I draw an elephant even though I have never drawn before?

Yes! Our instructions are beginner-friendly and straightforward.

How Long Will it Take to Draw an Elephant?

This all depends on your skill level and how long each step takes; typically though, 10-15 minutes should suffice.

Can I color my elephant drawing?

Yes, you may color your elephant drawing using colored pencils, markers, or paint.

Can these steps help me draw different types of elephants, including African and Asian varieties?

Yes, these steps can be used to draw different types of elephants


Learning how to draw an elephant can be an enjoyable and satisfying experience that anyone can enjoy. By following our four easy steps, you’ll soon have a beautiful elephant drawing you can be proud to show off – even if you’re new at drawing! Don’t forget to practice, use references, start simple shapes, and have fun while drawing an elephant – with these tips and tricks, your skills will advance quickly so that beautiful and realistic drawings of elephants appear before your very eyes in no time!

Thank you for reading our article on how to draw an elephant in four easy steps, we hope it was informative and useful! Happy drawing!

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