Easy Colour Drawing of the Earth: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

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Colour Drawing of the Earth – Are you trying to find a creative and simple approach to draw the Earth? Drawing the Earth is a fantastic place to begin, whether you want to pursue art professionally or just want to produce a stunning work of art. We’ll give you a step-by-step tutorial in this post on how to easily colour a drawing of the Earth that you can be proud of. 

 Earth Drawing Instructions: A Step-by-Step Guide 

Use these simple methods to draw the Earth in gorgeous colours.

Gather Your Materials in Step 1 

Make sure you have everything you’ll need to sketch the Earth before you start. You will require:

  • Paper, a pencil, an eraser, and coloured pencils or markers are required.

Sketch the Earth in step two. 

On your sheet of paper, begin by drawing the Earth. In the page’s centre, make a sizable circle with your pencil. This will be the shape of the Earth. 

 Add Continents in Step 3 

Next, trace the continents of the planet using your pencil. Look at a globe map for inspiration or use your creativity to come up with your own design. 

 Step 4: Draw the continents’ colours. 

The continents should be sketched out before adding colour. You can add colour to the continents by filling them in with coloured pencils or markers. 

 5. Include the Oceans. 

To complete the circle, which stands in for the oceans of the Earth, use a blue coloured pencil or marker. 

 Add Details in Step 6 

Last but not least, add whatever finishing touches you desire with your coloured pencils or markers, such as clouds or a sun in the sky. 

Congratulations! You have succeeded in painting the Earth in simple hue.


Here are some of the most frequent queries regarding drawing the Earth.

 1. Is drawing the Earth challenging? 

No, even a beginner can easily sketch the Earth. In little time at all, you will be able to draw a stunning illustration of the Earth by following our detailed instructions.

 2. Do I require artistic talent to depict the Earth? 

No, drawing the Earth doesn’t require you to be an artist. Our detailed instructions are simple to follow and are written with beginners in mind.

 3. Can I draw the Earth using different colours? 

Yes, you are free to draw the Earth in any hue you like. Draw your own distinct image of the Earth using your imagination and have fun.

4. What if I doodle the Earth incorrectly? 

Don’t worry if you doodle the Earth incorrectly. Any errors can be corrected with a rubber before continuing the drawing.

 5. Can children use this instruction to draw the Earth? 

Yes, children can sketch the Earth using this step-by-step tutorial. Simply check that they have all the supplies they require, and keep an eye on them while they draw.

 6. Can I frame my completed drawing of the Earth? 

Once you’ve finished designing the Earth, you can frame it. It will look fantastic on display in your home or place of business.

Video Instruction – Colour Drawing of the Earth


A stunning work of art can be made by just drawing the Earth. With the help of our detailed instructions, you can quickly produce an admirable easy-color drawing of the Earth. When drawing the Earth, don’t forget to have fun and use your imagination. Happy sketching!

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