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Protecting Your Rights: Find the Right Bronx Construction Accident Lawyer for Your Case

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This article will give you details about hiring an Bronx Construction Accident Lawyer as well as how they could assist you to receive compensation for injuries sustained due to an accident in the construction industry.


If you’re injured while working It is possible that you don’t have any idea what to do and where to find assistance. It is possible that you don’t know what legal rights you’re entitled to and what steps you need to follow to get back to work and ensure your financial affairs are in good order. The Bronx attorney for construction accidents can help in all these areas and more. They can provide you with advice on your options and assist to get compensation for injuries that were caused.

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What is a Bronx Construction Accident Lawyer?

The Bronx Construction accident attorney is kind of personal injury lawyer that specializes in representing those who are injured while working. They are frequently called upon to look into accidents and offer assistance and counsel for those who have been injured.

What a Bronx construction accident attorney does

The Bronx Construction accident attorney is an expert in their field, which means they are skilled and have the expertise to assist you in your case. They are with you throughout the process starting with filing your claim, to negotiating a settlement with your insurance company.

Don't Go it Alone: The Power of Hiring a Skilled Bronx Construction Accident Lawyer
Navigating the Legal System: The Importance of Hiring a Bronx Construction Accident Lawyer

Types of Construction Accidents in Bronx

Construction is a risky venture. There are numerous types of accidents in the construction industry that could occur on the job site. It is essential to understand the different kinds of accidents are, so that you are prepared to stay clear of these types of accidents.

The types of construction accident lawyers in Brox, NYinclude :

1) Falls

2) Electrocution

3.) Falls and slips

4.) Exposure to potentially hazardous substances

5) Fires/explosions

6) Collapse

7) Injury from pinching

8) Vehicle motor accidents

Common Injuries From Construction Accidents in Bronx

One of the riskiest places to work is a construction site.. The injuries suffered can be serious and last for a long time this is why it’s crucial to ensure you’re taking every precaution to safeguard your self and those around you.

Construction workers face the risk of being injured because of many diverse aspects. This includes:

Physical strain Construction work may be strenuous and put lots of stress upon the body. If you’re not careful of your body and your health, you’re more likely to be injured.

Environmental Risks Construction sites usually have a range of environmental hazards such as the uneven surface or large machinery. These hazards can cause injuries like accidents involving falls and slips or injuries sustained while operating machinery in the absence of the proper training.

Inadequate safety measures Supervisors of construction sites should ensure that their workers have necessary safety gear to perform their job and make use of it in a safe manner when working in dangerous places like scaffolding or tall buildings. This is a must

How a Construction Accident Attorney in the Bronx Can Help

An Bronx Construction accident attorney can be of assistance in various ways. They can, for instance, give legal advice to people who are unsure whether they’re in the right situation or not. They can also assist with making a claim as well as receiving compensation for your injuries.

The Road to Recovery Starts with Hiring the Right Bronx Construction Accident Lawyer
From Injury to Recovery: The Role of a Bronx Construction Accident Lawyer in Your Journey

Things to expect from the Bronx Construction Accident Lawyer

Following an accident, it’s essential to speak with Bronx Construction Accident Lawyer who will guide you through this challenging period of time.

There are a lot of things you can anticipate from an Bronx Construction Accident Lawyer.

  • It is expected that they be kind and compassionate during the entire process.
  • It is also important for that they will listen to your needs and to answer any questions you might have.
  • They will also put in a lot of effort for you to ensure that you receive the amount you are due.

After a Bronx Construction Accident, What to Do?

Accidents in the construction industry can cause fatal injuries. They can result in severe injuries as well as long-term disability. Here are the steps to follow following a construction accident:

1.) Make a report of the incident to the authorities.

2.) Get medical attention immediately

3) Take note of your injuries, such as photographs and videos of the incident

4.) Make contact with an attorney as soon as you can

5.) Write a detailed note of all the expenses that resulted from the accident.

What Damages Can Be Recovered in Bronx Construction Accident Cases

There are a variety of damages that could be recovered when it comes to Bronx construction accident instances. The most frequent kinds of damages include medical expenses or lost wages as well as suffering and pain.

If you’ve suffered injuries in an Bronx or construction-related accident it’s important to speak with an experienced attorney regarding your situation. They can assist you in recovering all damages to which you have a right to.

Steps to Take After a Bronx Construction Accident

The Benefits of Hiring a Bronx Construction Accident Lawyer

If someone is injured during a construction accident is entitled to compensation for the injuries they sustained. The most effective way to receive this amount is to hire an Bronx attorney for construction accidents.

If you employ an Bronx legal expert in construction They will ensure that you get the most settlement possible for your injuries.

This involves negotiations for the insurer on behalf of your benefit. A lawyer can also help you receive medical treatment and ensure that the bills are paid as you recover from your injuries.

What to Choose The Best Bronx Construction Accident Lawyer

If you’re looking to locate the top Bronx attorney for construction accidents, here are certain actions you must do.

Checking out their website is the first step. Does it appear professional? Do they have testimonials from happy customers? Does the company have a newsletter or blog that you can sign-up to?

The next step is to go to Google and look up reviews about the lawyer. What are people saying about them? Do they appear credible and knowledgable?

Then, call the law firm and ask any questions you have. After you have made your choice do not be afraid to inquire about references so that you are able to meet with clients who have utilized their services in the past.

Recommended Bronx NY Construction Accident Lawyer

A personal injury attorney and advocate for construction accidents in the Bronx is Jacoby & Meyers, LLP. For more over 40 years, they have provided construction-related services..

Jacoby and Meyers law firm will be your legal representative in any of the following accidents involving construction:

  • The building collapsesWhen the construction process is not adequate or materials fail , this could cause structural collapse.
  • Falls This is when an object falls coming from a higher level or the moment an object is thrown from above.
  • chemical exposureWhen workers are exposed to paint thinners, or any other harmful chemicals, it can cause blindness, burns, or respiratory issues due to hazardous chemicals on the job site.
  • Explosion A fire caused by an chemical reaction or defective gas lines or electrical systems that could cause burns, injuries or even death.
  • Injury to the Pinch In the event that a person’s body gets caught between moving objects or becomes caught in machine at the construction site, it can result in broken bones or injuries to limbs.
  • Motor car accidents when workers are injured while driving the company’s vehicle or truck, or, in the case of where a driver is hit by another motorist while driving.

Contact information for Bronx construction attorney Jacoby And Meyers Law Firm

ADDRESS: 656 E Fordham Rd

The Bronx, NY 10458

PHONE: (718) 294-0813

WEBSITE:  jmlawyer


The most frequent cause of injury is construction accidents. They are also the main reason for death at the work place. Workers in the construction industry are much more susceptible to suffer injuries or killed while working than other occupations.

It is crucial to employ an expert Bronx attorney for construction accidents when you or someone else in your family is injured at an construction site. This law firm, Jacoby & Meyers, LLP, has more than 40 years of experience representing injured workers on construction sites and can represent you.