29-17 Browns defeat Steelers after collapser

Steelers lose to Browns in Week 3 after Browns stomp them in the second half

The Steelers enjoyed a more offensive game during a brief week on Thursday night, they played the Browns but it did not result in a win the way Cleveland’s running game proved to be too much in a loss of 29-17 in FirstEnergy Stadium.

The defeat was the second of just five games for the Steelers who fell to 2-1 and won’t play until the time they play Jets on Oct. 2. Jets October. 2. at Acrisure Stadium.

It’s a great thing, since the Steelers must be working on before they can take the field once more, including how to prevent lulls in defense and offense that appear to occur in tandem.

The Browns (2-1) took advantage of the Steelers in their second consecutive fourth quarter loss, even though they were without quarterback Deshaun Watson who was suspended from the start of 11 games of the 2022 season due to concerns off-field.

The Steelers offense, which recorded 247 yards over all three periods was unable to score an initial down on two consecutive games within the final quarter. In the meantime, the Browns embarked on a lengthy offensive drive in the fourth period to win an even two-score affair with the running back Nick Chubb, who gained 113 yards in 23 plays.

“If you’re not able to slow down Chubb and you’re not able to beat this team,” said Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin. “We were aware of this, but we couldn’t accomplish it.”

It was Chubb who scored a touchdown which put the game in the balance.

Chubb’s first leap across the top to the goal zone on fourth-and-1 from the 1 was halted from the top of the pile by Myles Jack. However, Chubb was twisted when his body fell on the field, narrowly getting over the goal line and giving the Browns an advantage of 23-14 at 9:29 of the final quarter of the game.

The play was the culmination of an 80-yard, 11-play drive for the Browns which allowed them to convert two of third-and-1s. One of them was Jacoby Brissett kicking Amari Cooper for 32 yards to gain a significant amount of yards.

“They did whatever they wanted to do and we were unable to stop them,” said Steelers safety Minkah Fitzpatrick.

Brissett and Brissett and the Browns caused a lot of trouble for the Steelers with their short yards throughout the game The Browns were able to take advantage of short yardage, with Brissett getting two third-and-1s as well as one fourth-and-1 on quarterback snoops.

Brissett completed 21-of-30 passes for 220 yards and two touchdowns, but he did not make a crucial error. Cooper made seven receptions with 101 yards, a score. tight end David Njoku added nine receptions for scores of 89 yards and 89 yards.

The Steelers were able to get more out of their offensive, even though it wasn’t always evident on the scoreboards on the night that was chilly.

Mitch Trubisky completed 20 of 32 passes for 207 yards while the Steelers ran for 104 yards over 22 runs as the team.

“We need to improve in the second quarter and I think that the first half was quite well,” said Trubisky. “We are making progress but we’re not where it should be, and we must win. In the first half, we took some steps in the right direction , however the second half did not meet our expectations.”

After Chubb’s touchdown put the score 23-14. Trubisky played a short field-goal drive in the final minutes of the game. He teamed up to tight end Pat Freiermuth for gains of 15 and 26 yards, resulting in the 34 yard Chris Boswell field goal.

Tomlin might have decided to play it safe on fourth-and-1, after the Browns lined up with too many players on the field, but he did not, knowing that the Steelers must take back an onside kick and score a second time to have an opportunity.

The Steelers did not manage to recover the kick , and the Browns played most of the remaining clock, kicking to the back of their goal with nine seconds left.

The Steelers tried to play a desperate lateral play however Najee Harris’ backwards flip ended up in the zone at the end of the field, and it was picked up by Denzel Ward, who scored the final two points.

It wasn’t clear that it would be in that direction at first.

Miles Killebrew, who blocked two kicks in 2021 took an Corey Bojorquez punt after Cleveland’s second possession and swung it away. The kick was just 25 yards, and the Steelers gained control of Cleveland 48. Cleveland 48.

However, Boswell missed an attempt to shoot 50 yards wide to the right, giving Cleveland the perfect field position at their own forty.

The Browns made the most of this, helped by an impressive 36-yard Chubb run from to the left side. He was able to score the game’s first touchdown . It was an 11-yard touchdown catch by Brissett for Amari Cooper. Cooper was hit by the safety Terrell Edmunds at the slot, and played a straight slant to score.

In the 7-0 lead With 7-0 on the board, the Steelers switched to the no-huddle offense on their 3rd game possession. They quickly went 75 yards in order to even the score at 7-7 with the first play of the second quarter.

The most memorable play of the drive was a stunning 38-yard catch made by the rookie wide receiver George Pickens over rookie cornerback Martin Emerson. Trubisky moved to his right, with plenty of field space in his direction however, he chose to offer Pickens the chance to play one-on-one with him in the field. The rookie took advantage of the opportunity with a single-handed catch by reaching behind his body and over his head to pull it into.

Harris ended his drive by scoring a 5 yard touchdown run, ripping through the safety John Johnson at the goal line to make it 7-7.

The Browns were able to respond by going for a touchdown run of 79 yards which saw Brissett taking on most all the harm, making seven-of-9 passes for 71 yards. This included the touchdown pass of 7 yards for tight-end David Njoku.

However, rookie placekicker Cade York’s PAT was smashed against the right crossbar in the same way Boswell was unable to score his field goal. the Browns took 13-7 lead at 8:58 remaining in the opening half.

Browns defeat Steelers after collapser

The Steelers chose to go with the no-huddle approach for their next play and scored the lead for the first time at 14-13 with just 3:50 left, scoring on a one-yard running by Trubisky on an read-option goalkeeper. The Steelers played through the defense eight times, gaining 43 yards on their scoring drive.

Cleveland played towards at Pittsburgh 32 with just one minute remaining in the first quarter, however, Brissett’s passing towards Cooper at the fourth down initially considered a completion to the 28-yard line, was reversed after a review.

The ball was returned to their own 32, with 30 seconds left and one timeout the Steelers moved towards their Cleveland 43 but were unable to make it into the field goal zone and gained a 14-13 advantage into the first half.

The Steelers enjoyed a successful game to begin the second quarter stall, when they reached the Cleveland 41. However, Harris was penalized for a loss of 4 yards on dumpoff. Right linebacker Chuks Okorafor was punished for being in the wrong direction in the first quarter of an inside screen for Jaylen Warren who Warren was able to take into Cleveland 15. Cleveland 15.

In the third quarter, the Steelers have been forced to throw, and Cleveland was able to score a 14-play 70-yard field goal which was followed by a 34-yard field goal from York and a lead of 16-14 with just 2:31 left at the end of the quarter.

Trubisky played Johnson one-on-one on the sideline on third-and-3 the next play. He was battling Ward who was shadowing Johnson throughout the field however Ward was able to get a hand on to stop the pass 30 yards to the side and make the ball to be punted.

Johnson took eight interceptions for 84 yards.

“We lost the game,” said Steelers defensive lineman Cam Heyward. “I am not sure what’s more demoralizing than this. They played the ball, we were kicked, and (butt) ball kicked. Simple as that.”


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