18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer San Antonio

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Why Are 18-Wheeler Accidents So Dangerous?

18-Wheeler accidents are among the most dangerous types of car crashes in the United States. The sheer size and weight of these vehicles makes them a danger on the roadway, but what makes these accidents so particularly dangerous is their unpredictability. Because 18-Wheelers are often transporting dangerous goods, the slightest impact can lead to an explosion. This makes them susceptible to rear-end collisions and other forms of crashes that cause injuries and property damage.

Truck accidents can cause serious injuries and fatalities. These large vehicles are often involved in more severe accidents than other vehicles. For example, 18-wheeler crashes are much more likely to result in serious injuries than car crashes. 18-wheeler accidents are also more likely to result in fatalities than car accidents.

Car accidents are dangerous for drivers and passengers, but 18-wheeler accidents are dangerous for everyone on the road. Not only do 18-wheelers carry up to 80,000 pounds of freight, but they also have large blind spots and slow speeds that make them difficult to maneuver. 18-wheelers pose a risk not just to their drivers – they’re also hazardous for drivers who are on the road. 18 wheelers are so dangerous because 18 wheelers carry up to 80,000 pounds of freight, which increases the likelihood of accidents.

You Do Not Pay Us Unless We Get You Your Money.

We do not charge you unless we are successful in your case. Our goal is to assist you receive the amount you’re entitled to. If you hire us, we will take the time to thoroughly research the accident and the legal issues involved, including what evidence you have to support your claim.

We will fight hard for you. We will fight hard for what is fair for you. We will fight for the financial reward you deserve. We don’t charge you a dime unless we are able to win your case.

We have the experience to fight large trucking companies. We have recovered millions of dollars for clients throughout the United States. Our experience has allowed us to build a network of former prosecutors and experts with first-hand knowledge of how these companies operate. Our network of associates and former prosecutors throughout South and West Texas means we are able to respond quickly to your claim.

What should I do if I’m hit with an 18-wheeler vehicle?

  • The first and most crucial consideration is your health.
  • Examine the damage
  • Do not confess fault, even if it is minor.
  • Be very cautious about what you say.
  • Take photos of the accident and contact an attorney right once at 210-934-4037.

Can I file a lawsuit against 18-wheeler trucking companies?

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I was hit by an 18-wheeler or a work vehicle. Do I need an injury lawyer?

Yes is the quick answer. Trucking accidents involving 18-wheelers are particularly complicated. This is why there are 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer San Antonio who specialise in this area. This is also why 18-wheeler collision cases can take a long time to settle or go to trial. We have handled thousands of semi-truck accident claims at Wayne Wright and have won each one. We are so confident in our ability to win your case that you will not have to pay us anything until we do. In San Antonio, Texas, our law company has never lost a case.

The question then becomes whether you want to deal with 18 different insurance companies and 18 different claims when it comes to your 18-wheeler accident case.

Could it be possible for me to hire an attorney following my 18-wheeler accident?

If you do not hire an attorney as soon as possible after an 18-wheeler accident, you will be at a significant disadvantage in pursuing adequate compensation for the damages you experienced.

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What To Do After A 18 Wheeler Accident?

The level of confusion immediately following an 18 wheeler crash can be overwhelming. It is essential to ensure the police and all emergency workers are on the scene immediately to help in the event of burns or injuries.
The police will make comprehensive notes, as well as statements from all of the participants and witnesses, and will take photographs as part of the accident report. If you can, you’ll be required to record everything possible, which includes statements from witnesses.

If the camera on your phone is working, make certain to take the most photos you can of the damage done to your vehicle as well as any injuries you or other passengers may have sustained. This will help make sure that whatever that the police didn’t catch is captured.

Find the Leading Causes of 18 Wheeler Accidents?

Driver Error Despite the growing magnitude and severity of truck accidents, drivers tend to drive recklessly. They are often drowsy in order to meet the mileage targets that their employers set. They could be operating their 18-wheeler when under the influence of alcohol or distracted.

Poorly maintained 18 wheelers are usually driven for hundreds of miles a week. If they’re not maintained properly they could become dangerous fast. While worn brake pads and cracks in the windshield need to be taken care of when they happen within smaller automobiles, it is possible that they could cause an accident that is major with an 18 wheeler.

Equipment failure The defective parts of the 18-wheeler may not be the responsibility of the driver, but they could cause fatalities. The lawyer you hire can tell you the 18 wheeler manufacturer or manufacturer is responsible for your injury and not just the driver of the 18 wheeler.

Improperly loaded cargo When loading the bed of a commercial 18 wheelers must be handled with care and in compliance to the laws. If they are loaded incorrectly the contents of the 18 wheeler can spill onto the road , causing injuries and accidents.

Contact San Antonio’s 18 Wheeler Lawyers

It can take many forms of hardship. From being a victim of an accident in the car to being a victim of another’s negligence, Wayne Wright Injury San Antonio Lawyers will ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve and can return your life back to the right track.

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